We are committed to raising a generation that is grounded in the Word of God and passionately live Christ-like lives. In line with molding children to be responsible and caring citizens we would like to invite children between ages 6-10 years to our digital program dubbed Incredible Islands.

Incredible Islands is a digital ministry tool designed to help children learn about God in a fun way by playing games as well as completing a weekly church-assigned mission consisting of a Bible story, scripture memorization, prayer and giving. Incredible Islands develops a sustainable faith, which changes a child’s destiny and the lives of those around them. It is an application-oriented, Gospel-centered, easy-to-use curriculum. Each lesson provides highly participatory lessons and then seamlessly integrates those lessons into an interactive, online world.

Incredible Islands is an online children’s ministry tool that engages today’s tech-savvy kids with God’s Word. It’s a user-friendly Learning Management System coupled with a kid-friendly virtual world packed with games, activities, and opportunities lets children engage with biblical content and live what they learn.

Incredible Islands is an avenue for children to be shaped in character and morality through digital interaction in a fun and creative way. It is a program ICC is running in partnership with One Hope to engage the children positively with digital media. The program consists of a lesson taught in the traditional manner by a teacher and followed after by a computer interaction session. Ideally each aspect of the lesson runs for 40 minutes making a total of 80 minutes for an effective interaction time for a total of 13 sessions. The sessions are offered at ICC grounds every day.

See the link below for our story:

Digital well – Kenyan story


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